Mission Statement  

Mission Statement

"To encourage academic excellence for all students in challenging and interactive programs that are supported by teachers, staff, students, parents and community."

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The Motto



The Emergence of the Roneagle


The Roneagle, the emblem of McDonogh 35 Senior High School, is a most extraordinary bird. It is fashioned in solid iron and is the mightiest, swiftest and most resourceful of all winged creatures.

It takes four years to develop from an eagle to an adult Roneagle. The hard-core iron diet that is fed daily helps to develop the birds' power and character.

The Roneagle is presently seen perched in the legal, educational, medical, religious, and all other fields of community life throughout the world. It is known locally, nationally, and internationally.

The Alma Mater

Alma Mater

Roneagles strength and wisdom the world will share.

Maroon and Gold the colors we proudly bear.

High thirty-five greater heights each day.

Your torch of knowledge will light the way.

McDonogh 35 you will always be.

The pride your sons and daughters bring to thee.

We hail thee,

Fair thirty-five, ever fair, even fairer.

Brave thirty-five, ever brave, even braver.

Thirty-five ever high, Thirty-five ever high.

High Thirty-five, ever high even higher!