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McDonogh 35 Alumni Association, Inc

P O Box 50306   §     New Orleans, LA 70150






Board of Directors 2012-2014







Margaret Montgomery-Richard, Ph.D. ‘74

Vice President

Louvinia E. Wallace, Ph.D. ‘66


Yvette M. Alexis ‘85 

Financial Secretary

Gwendolyn Williams Terrel ‘74 


Troye Madison Washington ‘78 

Immediate Past President

Darryl C. Dean ‘77

 Jason G. Coleman ‘96

Jacquelyn McMillan ‘60

 Laurene B. McMillan ‘57

 Betty Porche Stewart ‘74

Shawne B. Farve '92
























































About McD35AA

 The McDonogh 35 Alumni Association (McD35AA) is a member-driven  organization established to foster loyalty, pride and support for as well as promote the welfare of McDonogh 35 College Preparatory High School. Led by a volunteer Board of Directors, the Association is the vehicle through which alumni can stay involved and make a difference.  The McD35AA works as a partner with the McDonogh 35 leadership, faculty, staff, parents and other stakeholders to ensure the School’s continued success through student recruitment, public relations, financial support and promotion of its educational and cultural interests. The McD35AA also works to articulate the views of our alumni and serves as a forum for alumni to maintain contact with the school and one another. All McD35 alumni and friends are encouraged to be active and engaged members of that community.

 Mc Donogh 35 Legacy of Success

 If you are an alumnus who has a child, grandchild, niece, nephew, godchild, church member or a special young person who currently attends McDonogh 35, ask yourself “What am I doing to help continue the McDonogh 35 Legacy of Success for them?” Stop lamenting that “McDonogh 35 is not the same anymore and things really have changed.” Well, McDonogh 35 is not the same and things have changed because YOU are NOT there anymore! Be the change you want to see. Get involved! Support our children! Visit the school. Mentor. Share your thoughts and ideas for McDonogh 35 to go higher, even higher.”