Ashley Jones Staff Photo
Subjects Taught
Creative Writing, English II


 Master of Fine Arts Savannah College of Art and Design Savannah

 Master of Arts Bread Loaf School of English 

 Bachelor of Arts Clark Atlanta University


Ms. Jones has worked at the following schools:

Frederick Douglass High School

McDonogh #35 Senior High School

Eleanor McMain Secondary School


Ms. Jones has taught the following courses:


Creative Writing

Media Production


                Ms. Jones is a native of New Orleans and an alumnus of McDonogh #35. Below is Ms.Jones' philosophy on education:


I teach because I deeply believe in the transformative power of education. It is my belief that the goal of education is to create critical, compassionate and confident members of society who are equipped with the tools to confront and change their society for the better. I believe that English is the perfect vehicle for such an approach to learning. As an English teacher, it is my responsibility to help students draw the link between the texts they study and the real world issues those students face.

I hope to create a safe space for students to engage critically with those things in society that directly affect them. In this sense, as a teacher and facilitator, I aspire to be viewed as one of many co-learners in the classroom. What does this look like in the classroom? This looks like students leading class discussions about various texts and the work of their peers. This looks like students bringing in their world-view as a way to access what may be different or new learning concepts.  My educational pedagogy is that the lived experiences of the students become integral to classroom learning. My goal is to make the classroom experience student-centered and meaningful for all students.