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Alumni Spotlight

Tiffany Henderson c/o 2000

McDonogh 35 Alum Gives Back


"I feel like I'm speaking to myself 15 years ago, sharing what I wish someone would have shared with me."  That's what Tiffany Polite Henderson (c/o 2000) felt recently when speaking to young ladies at McDonogh 35 about her nonprofit.

Tiffany is the Founder and Executive Director of My Passion Breathes Life, an organization that empowers young people to pursue passion and fulfill their purpose in life.  The pursuit of which Tiffany herself struggled with throughout high school, college, and even into her professional career.  She often felt inadequate, afraid of failure, and unaware of her greatest potential.  "When I graduated from 35 I didn't know what career I wanted to pursue and chose something that I felt was secure and reasonably enjoyable.  I didn't have a mentor at that time and wasn't equipped to face the fear and self-doubt I was experiencing."

 After taking strategic steps toward self-improvement and fulfillment, Tiffany finally discovered her true purpose; to encourage, motivate and inspire young people to remove self-imposed limits and reach their greatest potential.  She then left a lucrative corporate career in Chicago to return to her hometown of New Orleans. She is on a mission to change the lives of young people by teaching them the tangible steps to discovering their own true passion and purpose. 

 "Research shows that people that are purpose driven are healthier physically, mentally, and emotionally.  They even have greater earning potential.  I believe our young people should learn these strategies early so they can redefine what's possible.  Through this program I share my personal journey of self-discovery and help young people to start their own journey."

 This fall Tiffany will be working with young ladies at McDonogh 35 through her

mentorship program G.L.A.M. Squad, providing support in career development & education, spiritual & emotional wellness, health & fitness, and personal brand & image.

 Tiffany's journey has led her back full circle to McDonogh 35 to motivate, encourage, and inspire young people to discover their purpose.   To learn more about her organization My Passion Breathes Life, visit her website at