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 Exceptional Children Services (ECS)

Program modifications for students who qualify for ECS are addressed as part each student's IEP. Modifications are used throughout the student's planned program in ECS and general education classes. Modifications are individualized and based on the student's disability related to the attainment of IEP objectives, progress in the general curriculum, and participation in the educational program with their general education peers.

Special education students are required to be educated in the least restricted environment possible with their non-disabled peers.  McDonogh 35 is committed to at least 90% of ECS students being educated in the general education setting for a minimum of 80% of the school day.  We aim to do this through an inclusion program model driven by co-teaching that allows ECS students to attend general education classes with support from ECS staff in the general education classroom to the fullest extent possible.  This model not only meets the legal requirement mandated by I.D.E.A. (2004) but also provides for a more stimulating learning experience for all students that ultimately results in improved academic performance. 

 Please visit the link below for more information about our ECS Program.